Hello, I am Nicola Papale, I am a freelance developer.

I like reading, websites operated outside of the big plateforms (like this one!) (if you do too, try out https://search.marginalia.nu/!) (I also like to use weird typography instead of commas) and learning about stuff.

I’m currently chilling in general, just learning driving and the russian language.

I strongly value computer autonomy. People feel powerless and hustled by a faceless entity with motivations completely opposite their own. Centralized and closed (as in not interoperable) software is antithesis to our democracies that value self-determination and cooperation. We must build software that carry our values and collude for democracy rather than against it.

You might like to see what I did in the past. You should look at it, it’s neatly presented (and degrades gracefully even with javascript disabled) (btw you should really disable javascript, it’s a very bad idea to run arbitrary code from other people indiscriminately on your computer (btw I I now am in possession of your credit card number and encrypting your hard drive (just joking, got you!)))

I’m currently chilling, if you need someone like me to work on a project, or just to rant about life in general, let’s get in touch!

To contact me, send me an email. Anything followed by the “at” sign, followed by the domain name of this website should get your email to me.

I’m active on the following websites:

A bit more personal

Just FYI. I’m shy, meek and reserved, I’m fairly slow at building an understanding, and generaly don’t like to express myself before having gone through the problem in a calm setting. I’m always too excited to think clearly when I’m with other folks.

I’m extremely anti-elitist, belive that everyone has worth and generally wants the common good. But I believe that common good can only be atteined by listening to people.

I find the contemporary discussion around technology so absurd it feels almost surealist. I encourage sobriety when it comes to new tech usage.