Hello, I am Nicola Papale, I am a freelance developer.

I only have 5 years of programming behind me, but I have a rich and wide variety of experience, going from bare-metal programming to ERP, passing by compiler design and realtime online web games or just games. I have strong opinions about a few things, but by experience I know I get much more from listening and being curious about people and the world around us.

I strongly value computer autonomy. I feel the GAFAM took most of it away from us and I want to pry everyone’s independence back from them. Guess why everyone hates Facebook? People feel powerless and hustled by a faceless entity with motivations completely opposite their own. Centralized and closed (as in not interoperable) software is antithesis to our democracies that value self-determination and cooperation. We must build software that carry our values and collude for democracy rather than against it.

My current activities are “limited” to two very ambitious projects both involving graphic programming in rust. I can’t help myself, I don’t even have enough time to look after myself, I’m addicted to getting things done.

You might like to see what I did in the past. You should look at it, it’s neatly presented (and degrades gracefully even with javascript disabled) (btw you should really disable javascript, it’s a very bad idea to run arbitrary code from other people indiscriminately on your computer (btw I I now am in possession of your credit card number and encrypting your hard drive (just joking, got you!)))

To get in touch, lookup nicopap.ch with whois, for example with nic.ch, my email address is in the records. Maybe I could read your equally boring resume/portfolio website?

Edit: it seems like SWITCH, the company responsible for NICs record in Switzerland, has decided to make site owner information private. Shame on them! Now you have no way of contacting me. You may clone one of my git projects and look at the log, invariably I use a proper email address in the committer field. You could also try linkedIn, but beware, I check it about once every 6 months and refuses invitations from people without a technical roll. If that fails, try telepathy.

I’m active on the following websites: