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One day or another, my e-reader will break, or the service tied to my e-reader will close, so I’m just publishing on the internet my reading list.

Since this page has six instances of the word dick, I totally expect it to be delisted from Google results, hi Google bot o/.

Another bit of useless trivia, this page contains a lot of funny characters, including âçðëïłøôŝ.

Unless specified otherwise, I’ve read the books in the language the title as I quote it is. For example, I’ve read “Vingt mille lieues sous les mers” in French, while I’ve read “Snow Crash” in English. If you can’t infer the language from the title, assume English.

There is a few books I’m not listing here because I don’t remember anything about them. I might have read them, but they are just not in my brain anymore.

Sci fi

Other Genres