I’ve developed several games in the context of Devil Dahu. Two of them in the context of the bevy game jams. You can find them at

Postmortems exist at the following addresses:

The source code for both of those is available and linked at the itch.io page.

Here is some gameplay footage:

Warlock’s Gambit

Warlock’s Gambit

Bone Klod

The Bone Klod: audio, and most things by me, models and art by the second half of Devil Dahu, Xo.

The Bone Klod also has a level editor. Which was hacked-out of bevy_editor_pls during the jam.


On top of those, in Devil Dahu, we developed two prototypes, “Necking” and “Mushroom game”.


Necking is a competitive/cooperative 1-on-1 online game where players are giraffes and fight for male dominance in the giraffe way. Necking is the way male giraffes fight each other to assert dominance. Zoologists note that the level of violence during necking vary widely, going from drawing blood, including quick one-tap-and-its-over and even reaching the zone of affection where it’s difficult to tell if the giraffes are hitting each other or tenderly caressing, sometimes necking ends in homosexual behavior.

I want to integrate that fundamental ambiguity of violence and love in the gameplay, and expose players to the choice of deciding between the two.

Here is some gamplay footage

Mouse control showcase.

Gamepad control showcase with two giraffes, there is collisions. Collision detection uses rapier while physics and movement was special-purpose built.

Rapier-based physics, a refactor replaced the custom code for neck movement (known as ball joints) with rapier’s native ball joints, this also allows us to hook the ears and tongue to the physics.

Mushroom game

Mushroom game is the reason why Devil Dahu exists. It is a JRPG with a dynamic combat system inspired by the two original Paper Mario, meaning: turn based with real-time elements. Unlike Paper Mario, the real-time element is cranked up to 11.

We planned several characters, all mushrooms (of course!) On an indefinite quest to save the mushroom village from an indefinite threat. A big tropey “you alone can save the world” quest. However we intend to convey through environment meaning that cannot possibly reach the characters. For example, we intend the scenario to be very much like fantasy magic stuff, while the setting and environment reveals slowly to the player that they are actually part of some sort of scientific experiment on an now abandonned space station.

I’ve setup a wiki to develop the background of each characters, the setting is inspired by Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Light trilogy.

Of course, this is extremely ambitious, and we are waiting to have more experience making video games before pushing further along.

Worked started on bevy 0.6, when it still didn’t support animations, I used a fork of bevy for a while. This is in the context of mushroom game that I started work on bevy-ui-navigation and started contributing to bevy.

Two important components I wrote were a state machine library for bevy that separate states and definition, and a LISP DSL to write and hot-reload state machines.

This was also the starting point of the bevy-debug-text-overlay and my major contribution to bevy-debug-lines.

Basic early prototype from a year ago:

You may notice the debug overlay points to rust files.